Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm not exactly sure how to begin this. I heard of a tragic car accident that my in-laws were seconds behind and I have been following the recovery of the victims. The 23 year old orem man died at the scene and the 25 year old mom has suffered massive injuries. The 2 month old baby had no injuries at all. I have been thinking about how short life might be and I have been asking myself questions all day. I have been filled with the spirit today and can not deny the feelings that I am having.

I take life for granted and I definitely want to be a better daughter of our Heavenly Father. I love my children so much and if anything were to happen to them, I would be so sick! Distaster can strick at anytime and when you are living on the edge, not doing those simple things that bring you closer to the Lord, then you are being very selfish. I speak for myself when I say this.

I pray I can have the courage to begin a new life of fulfillment and happiness. I want an eternal family and I want to be an instrument in the Lords work.

I pray for the Alder and Doshier families. I don't know them personally but as I have read their blogs and updates and watched videos and photos, I feel that I know them in my heart. I am saddened by their tragedy and am so grateful for the Savior and for the Atonment. I am so grateful for eternal life and for the covenants we make in the Temple that allow us to progress.

My goal is to post something daily on here as it could be my so called journal.

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